Alessia Irrera


Alessia Irrera was born on July 10th 1974. She received the Master Degree on Material Engineering in 2000. In 2004 she obtained the PhD in Condensed Matter Science by the University of Catania with a thesis on light-emitting devices based on Si nanostructures. From October 2003 to Dicember 2004 she worked as postdoctoral researcher at CNR-IMM of Catania. After that she worked as researcher in the MATIS IMM CNR institute of Catania. From September 2010 she work in the IPCF CNR institute of Messina where now she is a senior researcher. Her main researcher interest is the synthesis and the optical characterization of semiconductor and metal nanostructures. Her main efforts are focused on the conversion of some traditional and industrially compatible approaches of CVD and PVD (Sputtering and Electron Beam Evaporation) as advanced tools for the realization of metal and semiconductors nanostructures as nanocrystals, amorphous nanoclusters, nanowires, and so on. A special attention is paid to the control of structural properties of these nanostructures such as size, shape, volume density, crystallinity, defect density, and surface passivation for the control of their optical and electrical characteristics. Another important branch of her research is focused on the optical properties at room temperature of silicon nanostructures under optical and electrical pumping with a great interest on the physical phenomena that limit the emission efficiency of these materials and their application in silicon photonics. She took several invited and oral presentation at different international congress as in particular EMRS, and MRS. She participated to several national and European projects. Moreover, she has been a supervisor of several Master degree and PhD thesis and PI of several postdoc researchers. She is an author of more than 74 scientific publications in impacted journals and 2 book chapter on silicon photonics.

Senior researcher at

Istituto per i processi Chimico-Fisici Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
via F. Stagno d’Alcontres 31
Messina, Me 98166